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Below are some actual questions that I have received from past clients. Feel free to ask any others that you may have.  

I am on a Budget, what can I get done for $100?
I have injected literally 1000’s of units of Botox in to 100’s of clients.  My recommendations are based on your age, skin type and my extensive experience.  If you are on a budget, please understand that if you choose to inject less than is recommended, you likely will not achieve the desired results.  I would rather not inject you than to inject less than is needed and have you unhappy.  Botox and fillers are very expensive and I make very little.  I rely on my clients being satisfied and returning and telling their friends!

 Why are you so much cheaper than a Dermatologist and a Brick and Mortar Med-Spa?
I do not have the overhead that these facilities have.  I urge you to price Botox at different areas or ask friends that go elsewhere.  Med-Spa’s, doctors and myself all pay the same for Botox, therefore, if you find Botox or fillers cheaper than my prices, I would be highly skeptical and consider the possibility that you are receiving a “watered down” or diluted product.

How do I know that your Botox is not watered down?
If the product is not mixed according to the makers (Allergan) recommendations then it will not work correctly.   That is why I guarantee my product.

How long should my Botox last?

This is one of the most asked questions.  Botox should last in the neighborhood of 90 days.  I have seen some clients metabolize the product much quicker and some take much longer.  Please don't call at 8 weeks and tell me your Botox is not working or you need a touch up.  If it's been that long, it's time to have your Botox injected again. I have noticed that clients that have regular, strenuous work outs or have a higher metabolism tend to process Botox at a faster rate.  

I got my Botox injected 2 days ago and I do not see results.  Do I need a touch –up?
Botox does not act immediately; it takes 3-5 days to begin to see results and can take as much as 10-14 days to completely paralyze the muscle.  Factors include your metabolism rate and the strength of the muscle injected.

What are the side effects of Botox?
I have injected 1000’s of clients and no one has experienced adverse side effects with the exception of bruising or redness at the site of injection.  About 20% of clients will bruise.  If you bruise easily or are on blood thinners, please advise me prior to injection and steps can be take to minimize.  Remember alcohol thins your blood!

Why can’t I exercise for 24 hours or lie down for 3-4 hours?
The skill involved in Botox injection lies in the injector’s knowledge of the facial muscles and where to place it. If you lie down or exercise vigorously, gravity can cause the Botox to migrate in to areas that we do not want it in.  This can cause “droopy” eyes or other problems depending on where the Botox is placed.

My friend is an esthetician, can she inject my Botox?
Sure!  Let me know how that works out for you.  All humor aside, anyone can draw up the product and inject it in to your face. But the injector must have a vast knowledge of the facial muscles and what they control and how they will react to paralysis.  You wear your face every day; do you really want someone that isn’t trained injecting stuff in to it?

I injected Botox and I have no movement but I still have deep lines in forehead.  Did my Botox work?
Botox is a Botulism that causes temporary paralysis in the muscle that it is injected.  Although the muscle may be paralyzed, the skin has “memory” and it may take an extended period to an erase this “memory”.  There are steps that you can take to speed this process, such as microderms, facials or laser resurfacing.  For some older, first time clients the wrinkles have been in place for many years. It takes time but they will eventually go away.

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